Over 30 years ago I began making my New Orleans family “ready-to-eat” Creole potato salad in my apartment kitchen. Once it hit the supermarkets, consumers couldn’t get enough of it. Its popularity has been profiled on NBC, ABC, and CBS TV. To fulfill requests from around the country for it, I developed my “Quick & Easy” Creole Potato Salad KITS, which contain the ingredients that I have been using for over 30 years to make my Creole Potato Salad. It has “just enough of a kick to remind you it's New Orleans cooking!”

​Also, tired of eating that same leftover chicken that always seems to be around? “Jazz it up” with my new Creole chicken salad mix and turn it into a delicious Creole chicken salad. Mix contains premeasured various onions, bell peppers salt, pepper, mustards that will “jazz that bird up”.